Dodgeball Training: Catching Tips

Dodgeball Training: Catching Tips

No matter how good of a dodgeball player you may think you are, you can always improve to be better. This is a short video regarding the simplest training method in the game of dodgeball. It’s basically throwing and catching between two people, but one person focuses on throwing hard and the other person focuses on catching. The distance of throwing is roughly half the length of a volleyball court and the catcher normally would stand near the wall so the ball can be fed back faster to the thrower in case the catcher decides to dodge.

In this video, I was the catcher and my friend Jorge was the thrower. As you watch, you’ll see that this isn’t the best video of me catching but I think making mistakes during practice helps you learn things such as to not reach outside your catching area for dodgeballs.

When I decide to record another video like this, I’ll be sure to get a better ball since this one was taped up and to actually do some better catching haha.

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