Leon Simons Korfball Clinic, Wales

Leon Simons Korfball Clinic, Wales Highlights of the Saturday clinic for Wales Squad and Development players. The video shows drills and tips learnt during the day. In February 2012, Leon Simons travelled to Cardiff, Wales to do a weekend of korfball clinics for the players of the Welsh Squad, Development Players and players from the Welsh League. source Korfball

U17 KWC 2017 – Bronze medal match

U17 KWC 2017 – Bronze medal match U17 Korfball World Cup Schijndel 2017 Bronze medal match The 19th edition of the U17 Korfball World Cup will take place on Friday 23, Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June 2017. Nine Countries has entered the 19th U17 Korfball World Cup 2017. Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic, Portugal, Catalonia, Hungary, Germany, England, Belgium and the Netherlands. The U17 KNKV RTC South will complete this tournament until ten teams. Games played by this team will, however, be out of the competition. This team is a…